Settling in

We are steadily settling in here at what we affectionately call “The Cabin”. We pulled in to AK last Friday and got right into the house. Our landlord met us here as we drove up 🙂

Our first might here saw the final demise of our old faithful air mattresses. It went flat on us 4x that first night. With no housing goods drop off in sight we quickly acquired a new one. We ended up camping at the cabin for 4 days only. Our housing goods arrived yesterday, yay!!!

Today meant unpacking, moving furniture around a bit, repacking the stuff that won’t fit in our new digs, and attempting to get my kitchen functional. I have such a hard time figuring out the ‘flow’ of a new kitchen. It really has to work with me in my fast paced life;-)

The hardest adjustment for us so far has been the daylight hours adjustment. The sun sort of sets around 0200 (2am) and gets up again around 0430. The big bunk room has those ceiling high triangle windows and they currently have no covering, so the little guys bunk up with Bekah who has room darkening drapes. Mama has some sewing to do there. Just for an example, I am blogging at 11:30pm here and this is what I see:

And yes, that is taken from my deck. I never get tired of that sight. We set up our sitting room so that we could look at that from almost every chair 😉

I also want to share two pics of ‘grizzly Adams’ at the end of leave. After 3 weeks I saw this:

This evening, in preparation for signing in, he reverted to this:

3 thoughts on “Settling in”

  1. Yay!! Finally some pictures and updates! TT was tickled to get emails this week too.LOVE that view. What a breathtaking sight, I could get used to that.

  2. We just got back from Alaska and that sunset/sunrise thing is a killer. Even though you think it should be dark between those hours, it isn’t. I don’t know how people deal with it all the time. I’m sure you will get used to it. Better the long days than the long nights in the winter. But your view is spectacular.

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