Fragments to date.

Mommy's IdeaIt’s Friday! We have made it through another week, isn’t that exciting?? I am again dictating my fragments could clear my brain to get ready for the weekend. A very dear friend of mine got an odd email because I neglected to read what the dictation software wrote out. I will make sure I do that today! (sorry Rachel!!)


We got our first dusting of snow here in Palmer, Alaska. I recognize that another part of the country got much more than that, but my kids and I are very excited for the snow to be coming. Please Lord send the snow!!


I wanted to share this tweet I saw from Bank of America. Uploading pictures using the #troopthanks code donates $1 per item to support troops.  See Troop Thanks for more details.


Just in case you missed it, my father had a birthday this week. My favorite part of the post are the old photos that I got from my grandfather. My dad had the cutest ears when he was a kid!! Hop on over to Happy Birthday Dad if you would like to see the pics 😉


I have just been exhausted this week. There is some nerve tingling in the general sensations of healing going on in my broken arm that is causing me to lose sleep. I just can’t get comfortable lugging this stupid cast around the bed. On top of that I have a two-year-old that insists on making massive messes every day, then throwing a fit when he gets in trouble for it. We had to put one of those hook and eye latches on the outside of the pantry door because he can open doors. The darling little bugger has learned to use the broom to knock the hook out of the loop to get into the pantry to create messes in there as well. Doesn’t that sound ingenious?? Yeah 😦


I think one of the coolest things about my two-year-old is that he has a fantastic vocabulary. All four of his older siblings were late speakers. That tended to lead to frustration and fit throwing because communication could not happen. Not with Noah! I know exactly what he wants and needs most of the time. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to at least be able to communicate with the child.


Can I tell you what kind of geek we are in this house? I happen to love opera. My favorite modern opera is Phantom of the Opera. I have passed the love of this style of music onto my children an we have the Broadway soundtrack on our iPod. This week, in order to get our attitudes on straight and prepare for school, we had Masquerade cranked up in this house. I still think Michael Crawford is the best Phantom voice ever. But did you know that I was first introduced Michael Crawford when my folks enjoyed watching Hello Dolly with us as kids? On the second video if you jump ahead two minutes 2.50 you will see a very young in a very gangly Michael Crawford.


10 thoughts on “Fragments to date.”

  1. Could keep most of the snow up there if you could? There’s plenty of good songs in musicals. Your son has plenty of creative and problem solving energy. Some how you need to get it directed in the right way.

    1. Will happily keep that snow up here, if I can. My folks did a great job instilling a love of musicals in me. I am just thankful that my children have taken my view of musicals instead of leaning towards my husband view of musicals.

    1. I can’t wait to check that out and I’m on my way to see your site now, thank you so much for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to meet another musical fan!!!

  2. I love opera as well. On our NPR station they have operas on the weekend and I am usually just a happy pea in a pod listening to some language I do not understand. When I saw Phantom for the first time in LA, Robert Guillaume played the Phantom. My mom and I ran out of the theater to the stage door and would you believe he signed my poster! Such a great memory.

    1. Oh that is so cool! I have yet to meet any stage or theater personality. No such luck on the opera scene here, no radio station support that genre 😉

  3. Where is Palmer? I lived in Fairbanks for a very short time a very long time ago. I don’t generally like opera, but love the music from Phantom of the Opera……my husband gave me the soundtrack a long time ago and I like listening to it in the car.You gotta love two year olds….our grandson is two and he’s a regular wrecking ball! 🙂 Cute, but man can they go.

    1. Palmer sits just about where Highway 3 and Highway 1 split off. We have had some crazy fog, thick as pea soup, this last week. I think Fairbanks should be in the 0° range by this weekend!!I bet we could swap some two-year-old stories!!

  4. I enjoy musicals, though I can do without opera (no patience, oddly enough, I guess). My own mom turned us on to singing in our house–it’s been a treasured gift.No self-respecting toddler would be swayed by a little latch hook. I’m proud of the little bugger, too 🙂

    1. He was fairly proud of himself as well. In fact he looked rather offended that I was not as impressed with his new skill ;-)I hope this week is going better for you, I have been praying for you.

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