The Tree is Trimmed 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes

 hosted by The Nester 


We do love Christmas here and decorating the house is a huge deal!

Since the military moves us around every couple years, decorating the home for Christmas can sometimes be a challenge. Here in Alaska we have rented a cute place in the Valley which we have nicknamed “The Cabin” because it was once a cabin on a hill…all alone 😉 The downsize has been a bit of a struggle, smaller means less walls space for all the decor.

blogger-image-1767853579We wrapped garland around the support beam that graces the center of our main living space.

I chose to put our wreath on the pantry door this year so that we could see it and enjoy it every day! 

blogger-image--479019975We have a  very sturdy curtain rod across the large cabin windows. I wrapped garland around the whole length and accented it with bright red bows! 

Our New England Village set is a staple in our Christmas decor. Only half of my village fits on the buffet, but I do love seeing my little village scene.

Calvin and Luther get into Christmas at our house with their red hats and candy cane candles!
We go for the eclectic tree look with homemade ornaments. Our mothers gave us ornaments from our childhood for a few Christmases after we were married. Most of them are still surviving today! Hubby must have his C7 lights along with several strands of smaller, multi-color lights and shiny garland. 
The snowy landscape was decorated by God! We are so thankful for the blessing of this view!!! These are the Chugach Mountain Range and we get to gaze at it every day!

Merry Christmas to all!


9 thoughts on “The Tree is Trimmed 2012”

    1. I too love the mountain view. I feel very blessed to see it every day. Does she have the mountain addition? I love that feature!! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  1. That is a breathtaking view. I cant think of a more perfect state for spending Christmas. You have a really great Christmas village. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Smaller but lovely… your view is stunning. Your home looks so cheery and happy. ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus surrounded in love.Happy Christmas!:-)Traci

    1. I was too embarrassed to get a shot of our Advent Wreath because of the massive clutter around it. I should get that done quickly because Christ is THE reason we celebrate this holiday.Smaller is actually better. I am working on a series beginning in January on the downsize and encouraging folks to downsize in life. It is scary at first, but really beneficial.Oh, I love your Advent Calender and I was going to point it out in my FF this week. I wish I had found it earlier!!! I would have had one myself 🙂

  3. I love how you put part of the town on the window-sill and that Calvin and Luther have Santa hats. You may not have much space but you get a 10 for creativity. And I love the view with snow.

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