My niece is excited!

My niece, Katelyn, is coming to see me soon. I am very excited about this and, well, SHE is very excited about it.

There is a common family gene that causes vibrating, giddiness, shreaking, running in place, and general mass movement when one becomes very excited. I happen to possess this gene is spades (a common family joke, really). My 5 year old niece shares this with me in spades as well.

For the past 2 weeks she has emptied her desk out on Friday and brought everything home because “Tommorow we got to Alaska!” She dejectly took her things back to school each Monday. But the coolest part of her excitement came through her art project 🙂

I was sent a picture when she realized she was 11 days away from coming Auntie K-K’s house:

Yep, VERY, VERY, VERY excited!!!!

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