Pink Ribbon Tree

Pink for October

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have chosen to focus on that in my 30 days of blogging challenge. However, it won’t be a challenge for me because it will give me a change to remember a woman whom I miss very much. My mother-in-law, Patty. After marrying her son, I got to know her VERY well. She was a sweet human, complete with virtues and faults. But I came to love her and call her ‘Mom”. This month of remembering is for her.

I am putting a bit of a twist in this week’s list. We are going to work together in creating a list of those who have fallen to Breast Cancer. This list is for those who fought the fight, but were casualties in battle.

pink ribbon tree
To order this print, click on image.


Here is our Pink Ribbon tree, compliments of Dawn Plyler at Fine Art America. It is also the inspiration for my “Remembering Patty” button. Please enter the name of your loved one and place a pink ribbon on this memorial tree.

This post is part of my October 31 Days Challenge


2 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Tree”

    1. Thank you! I have never done the challenge, nor focused on her before. I am very much looking forward to it for my children’s sake and my own sake.

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