Not That Gate

The heart of a man establishes his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Have you ever in your life wanted something very badly? We have. There have been numerous times during our 16 years of married life that we have wanted something very badly. When my father had his heart attack, we wanted healing and life for him. When I became pregnant, we wanted a healthy baby that would sleep well. Every season of our military life brings the desire that we will be given a fun assignment in a great location.

But have you ever wanted something that you were positively sure that God also wanted for you? Have you ever found yourself staring longingly at a door that just won’t open??

Picture this, if you will:

There is a ballerina who dances in a troupe and they travel around the country performing, bringing joy and happiness to those who don’t know ballet. The troupe does wonderful things and loves watching the joy of ballet inspire and lead others to a love of ballet.

[wc_image attachment_id=”1908″ size=”wpcarousel” title=”” alt=”” caption=”Photo by Chris Brown” link_to=”post” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/92496717@N00/1260490407/in/photolist-2VokTe-ag28wk-cFGYaJ-cFGYjJ-CjuUV-4NoAt4-7ndQYF-yuGqP-7ptPya-66s8Yf-7TQhuW-bJPrr-6vVmU5-4mfiZz-fDSh3Q-7Bw2BE-7WPMEU-7WPMA7-5EjsuD-5LaH4Z-2hUqXU-8GQZM2-9pZsdg-7WPMdQ-7WPMso-7WLxXi-7WLxNK-7WLz4T-7pxGm3-FJfwa-a7F6WE-7JfgaU-9PzH3m-9PzH9m-9PwStP-5HN5Xk-8DxmLZ-5wFXzs-aDTFGS-jnWzM-5pUWUa-3Le6Mj-4ESdw4-eirmqT-bdJ9Rc-83qmf-5BbtL1-bUQCim-8RLxqB-8UuFjx-BZUcP” align=”center” flag=”” left=”” top=”” right=”0″ bottom=”20″ text_color=”” background_color=”” font_size=””][/wc_image]

But this ballerina believes she is being called to do an solo act for a specific group of people who already love ballet, but need a more personal, individual learning opportunity with a ballerina. They ask the ballerina to come teach them ballet, and the ballerina accepts. She prepares in all the ways a major life change would require and she prays that this will be a great opportunity to teach the love of ballet to these people.

The ballerina then packs her car, says goodby to her troupe ,and heads towards the gate that she must pass through to head to her new journey…but the gate does not open. This gate is the only gate she can pass through to get to the small group of ballet lovers. She calls out, but no one answers. She pushes at the gate a few times, and is dismayed that the gate just will not budge. As she sits back in her car, in front of the closed gate, she is baffled. It seemed right and good, heading through the gate, but why won’t it open?

A tapping on the passenger side window of her car startles her. The manager of her little troupe, a man they rarely see face-to-face, is standing beside the car. He smiles and points to the right. Right there, in plain sight of the closed gate is another gate wide open. It does not lead to the small ballet class she intended to head towards, but through this gate she sees her troupe preparing for another journey, more ballet love to spread, and they are waving for her to join them.

The ballerina looks again at the manager, mouths the words “Thank you” and turns her car towards the open gate. She is reunited with her troupe and is extremely excited to find a very sweet friend has joined the troupe whom she has missed very much and who has been away for a long time. A new adventure awaits for the ballerina, a new adventure laid before her by her manager.

Just like the little ballerina, we thought we wanted something, but the door was closed. We didn’t even have time to mourn or cry over the closed door. God, in His mercy, compassion, grace, and love, had already opened the door to our right and we are eagerly moving through it. We received orders this past week for a military move to South Carolina. For those who aren’t aware, we are currently stationed in Alaska. Not only are we moving, but we have a bare 5 weeks before we pull out. I have never had such a short timeline for such a huge move. But move we will and be thankful we shall. I have VERY good friends who are going to be in the same location at the same time, and that is a military families dream come true. We also love South Carolina. I can’t wait to share our field trips around that lovely and very historic state!!

I would ask for indulgence as I do post for my 31 Day Challenge, but not necessarily all 31 days. We have a lot to get accomplished in these weeks, including getting ahead in homeschool, finishing my Physical Science class, losing a bit of household weight, and locating a home in SC. All part of being a military family, but busy we shall be until we pull into SC for a new adventure!

The steps of a person are ordained by the Lord – so how can anyone understand his own way? Proverbs 20:24

For you are my high ridge and my stronghold; for the sake of your own reputation you lead me and guide me. Psalm 31:3


closed gate quote

8 thoughts on “Not That Gate”

    1. Oh me too, ballerina, me too!!! I still dream of us being on the same block so we can literally borrow sugar. There is my dream!!

      1. Remember what we said, we could be in a compound together and raise each others children, here is our chance. Our poor husbands…

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