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Day Fourteen

It wouldn’t be a military move if we didn’t have change. In fact, as a military spouse the one thing that I an always count on is change! We all experienced the government shutdown in October. I will not complain because the military was one of the few groups that was still paid during the shutdown. But what did stop was the PCS. Department of Defense sent out a memo stating that until the shutdown ended and the money was allotted, no PCS-ing would continue. No more signatures on paperwork, no orders printed…nothing.

So we waited. As it dragged out, we began to wonder if maybe they would just cancel the school and we would spend another winter in Alaska. We were pretty excited about heading to SC, but staying in Alaska wouldn’t have been the end of the world either. We are a family that loves snow, already has a routine, and we have friends. But I know that others in the military were not so blessed with the freeze. Some of our military colleagues and friends didn’t have their promotion boards because those were also frozen. This does not really translate in the civilian world, but in the military, a missed promotion means you have to leave the military. Not making the next rank in the allowed time frame means job loss. A delay in making rank was definitely a moment of faith walking and prayer for our friends. We were more waiting to decide whether we order another cord of wood for the winter and if we needed to get the studded tires on the car. 

We were pretty sure that things would begin rolling again just in time for us to get sling-shotted out of Alaska. That’s pretty much what happened! A very short 2 weeks notice came to us that the PCS was back on! So we decided to go ahead to make the reservations along our route and let our friends/family along the route that we were indeed invading their homes 😉 Look out folks, we ARE on our way!!

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This is part of a series Planning a Military Move.


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