Prepare the House

Day Twenty-Two

When the movers are coming you have to prepare the house! For me this means dealing with my various organization piles and actually sending out the various tidbits I have found for family and friends!


If the packers come into the house and see piles laying around then they will treat your things accordingly. I have watched them dump ‘junk drawers’ into random boxes before, so I actually put effort into prepping for the pack out and move day.


It is also very helpful for everyone involved if your bags are fully packed and out of the house during pack out. Impatient packers aren’t as careful with your things and when someone else is packing your home goods, it’s best to treat them well!

Now I will be honest. In the past, we have had high dollar things mysteriously walk off and nice things broken almost every PCS. My hubby has a hard time not holding those past sins over every moving company’s head. I try to be gracious to each person and hope for the good in them to prevail 🙂 it’s just who i am.

I also keep drinks in the fridge for the folks packing us out. I roam around so that I can answer questions or assist with the packing. I also recruit help for these days because the folks pack so fast that I really need a helper per floor to answer questions. I can’t stress enough having your travel bags and goods isolated during pack out. It can get stressful trying to dodge things during the hurricane of pack out!!

If you do have high dollar items, or things that are hard to replace, I highly recommend taking pictures of those items and logging their serial numbers. We also take pictures of the high dollar items as well as the packing inventory to make sure those items are listed individually.

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