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Frags in the Fog

It is a Friday, woohoo!! It’s not been a rough week in the homeschool front, I just love Fridays. Usually it means we get to wander around Germany and play ‘tourist’. It also means hubby gets a break from work. But I will tell you honestly, this is the kind of weather we have been enjoying here lately…

IMG_0402Very Hound of the Baskerville’s, don’t you think?? Yesterday, the fog didn’t burn of at all. There are also some days where we can’t see the neighbor’s house at all!! 

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My self-hosted site needs renewing in July 2015. I am torn a bit on whether to continue with this version or scoot back over to the free version. Free is always nice πŸ™‚ But there are just some things that I really enjoy being able to do in the self-hosted forum. Folks like our lovely host Mrs. 4444 and other faithful FF bloggers make me believe that free would be just fine. I have some months to go before I have to make a solid decision.

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I have been getting some very complimentary (though grammatically horrible) comments lately. Usually I just laugh them off, but I wanted to share this one:

you’re truly a excellent webmaster. The website loading
speed is amazing. It seems that you are doing any distinctive
trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve performed a great process on this topic!

See, I am a ‘master’!! How can that not stroke your ego, even if it is total bunk πŸ˜‰

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 In homeschool this week, we are beginning to study the events that led up to WWII. We learned some interesting things about Winston Churchill that I hadn’t known before:

  • He was excessively shy with the woman he loved and almost didn’t bring himself to propose!
  • He was 10 years older than this woman who would become his wife.
  • He wasn’t always a pleasant person to deal with. Contrary to Teddy Roosevelt, he walked like a bull into a situation and swung his stick first.
  • During WWI, his impulsive naval tactics lost him his admiralty. He then went to fight on the front lines at Flanders, Fra. There, he did earn the respect of his men by leading assaults himself.

History can be a challenging subject at times. Depending on the presenter, you can often get a bit of a skewed perspective. That’s why we read older books along with our videos so that we don’t miss important details or only get one side of the history coin.

Our history reading:


We watched:

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We also had some fun this week! My daughter is involved with a homeschool book club. They finished reading The Giver and the theatre on post offered a special showing of the movie just for us. What really impressed me was that before the movie, the National Anthem was played. Every one of the group stood for the Anthem with their hands over their hearts!! Very cool indeed!

I have been trying to limit my carbs in an attempt to lose some weight. No one said it has to be terrible!! Just look at my steak saute πŸ˜‰ I also chased a Maserati out of town the other night. Oh such pretty eye candy here on the autobahn!!! The kids got in on my workout video this week for PE class. It was fun, and my daughter asked “Are you going to blog that?” Yep, I am.

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I hope y’all have a great weekend!! Thanks for swinging by to say “hi”! Joining in with Friday Fragments and Weekly Wrap-up.

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15 thoughts on “Frags in the Fog”

  1. Oh, I have so much admiration for home schooling Moms! Sounds like you are the Master at it. Thanks for stopping by this morning and we are building a new house, not remodeling. Don’t think I could live through that type of remodeling. :o)) Wishing you a wonderful “fog free” weekend!

    1. Oh good! I could handle building a house, but yes, living amongst a remodel project might send me over the edge. Secretly, I still want to learn to do a lot of that stuff, but I may need to wait till I have more of my time for my own endeavors πŸ˜‰

  2. Loved your historical facts about Winston Churchill. I also know he was kicked out of a few schools when he was younger. He was also a wonderful painter.

    1. You know, they glossed over his painting ability 😦 I still admire Churchill, even though I definitely don’t appreciate all of his history. Thanks for swinging by!

  3. Love the fog! It reminds me of a trip we took to Rhode Island and it looked like that in the morning. Thanks for sharing your week. And having your own hosted site is nice – but free is free. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. You threw me off, Nita, because that is my mother’s name and I couldn’t remember her ever being in RI πŸ˜‰ Thanks for swinging by!

      1. Someone shares my name??? It took me by surprise too…and I don’t think I have never been in Rhode island…. Unless we drove through RI during the Eastern US Trip in 1971.

  4. free or paid-hosting doesn’t matter to me. I’ve paid for a few URLs but never a hosting plan. For my blog I don’t see any advantage. What am I missing?
    A bit fog can be a refreshing reflective time.
    Those spammer comments finally went away recently. The ones that drop links in the comment show their intent but those like the one you posted here are very clever in their scam.
    “one side of the history coin” – yes be sure to point out that the winner of the battle gets to write the history.

    1. You are exactly right about history!! The one thing I just love about my self-hosted thing is the total control and complete customization. I just don’t like the price tag that comes with it and this blog will never make me money. I don’t have the time that some folks can put into the marketing. I will probably head back to Blogger when my ‘paid site’ time runs out this summer.

  5. Mike’s been low carb for the last couple months and has already shed nearly 20 pounds. If you like cauliflower, try cauliflower mash as a mashed potato alternative. We were skeptical at first but found we both really like it. Took some trial and error to get the ingredients and consistency right, but oh, SO good. And SO healthy. Love the pic of the kids at the theater … I remember going to the movie theater on base all the time growing up, and that was ALWAYS done., always, before the movie started. I assumed it still continued on all base theaters, but I guess not. 😦

    1. Ben remembers them doing that at the military theaters as a kid also. We actually started subbing the cauliflower for taters on top of our shepherd’s pie. We haven’t really missed the ones we cut out, but we had to reign in the breads from the Germany bakeries. We went nuts when we first got here. But they have this amazing whole wheat, dark bread here that I just love!! And it doesn’t make Ben’s tummy angry πŸ™‚

  6. I find it easy to eliminate empty carbs (at least at home) from my diet after reading Eat to Live., a book that explains the science of food. I highly recommend it!

    Sounds like a great teacher AND webmaster! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been very content with blogger for the past seven years. Are you on Blogger?

    Thanks for linking up, Kay. Have a great weekend!

    1. I haven’t read the book, but we noticed hobby responds poorly to heavy carbs at night. We started by cutting some carb corners and haven’t really missed them πŸ™‚ I will have to check out that book!

      I do still have a Blogger account and I believe that I will move to that once my paid, self-hosted site ‘runs out’ this next summer. I still love playing with html and you just don’t have that freedom without paying for it on I hope the sun is shining for you this weekend, too!

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