The Great I AM

A friend of mine posted a great reflection this morning and it got me to thinking. Fear is a powerful force that Satan uses against God’s people. I am not generally a fearful person, but recent events have caused my blood pressure to rise and my mind to freeze. I realize my human reaction is just what Satan wanted because I am doubting God, His timing, and His purpose. In those moments, I find a quiet place in our house (a challenge with 5 children) and I reflect on I AM. I reflect on Job 38 and remember that the LORD I serve upholds the universe by the word of His power. His attributes are forever, and His might is unmatched. He was enthroned yesterday, He sits upon a throne today, and His reign is eternal. He is: I AM!

Have you ever struggled with fear, confusion, anger, frustration, longing, and feel as though you are facing all that alone? I have, or at least I thought I was alone in it. These emotions can be crushing if you are truly facing them alone. However, if you are a child of God, bought for by the blood of Jesus Christ, you are NEVER alone with these emotions or in any circumstance you face.

Ben (my husband) preached through the book of Exodus earlier this year. His sermon series is based on God introducing Himself to Israel throughout this rich book. It has been a series where I have watched my husband disappear and God shows up to speak to me. I am not alone in my fear, confusion, anger, frustration, and longing. I know a God who was and is and is to come. He is I AM. He is the rock that cannot be moved. He is the one who created all I see. He is also the one who sent his Son. The Son who stood beside loved ones and wept with them in their grief. He is the one who looked at the path before Him, sweated blood in His distress, but walked the path in obedience unto death. (Philippians 2:8)  This is the One who walks with me now and does not leave me alone. Does He walk with you? I hope and pray that He does. He is a comfort and a very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1) He is I AM.


God Is…

The One Who Sees and Hears

The Relationship Grower

At Work in Our Reality Checks



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