Weekly Wrap: Start Your Engines!


(This post is actually a few months old, but life changes happen and you get to finally read it now)

I couldn’t help myself with my title. If you read much of my blog, you will notice my ‘grease monkey’ tendencies and the fact that I truly missed calling as a race car driver. The cranking of an engine just makes me smile, and I simply get giddy when it’s the tell-tale rumble of a muscle car. That’s been part of the fun of living in Europe this past year. European sports cars have a very different sound that American ones. I live south of a big city and I routinely get to hear vehicles ‘open up’ as we pass out of the speed zones on our autobahn. Ferrari’s have a gentle rumble to them, the BMW and Mercedes have a low ‘hum’ when they rev up, and the Mazzerati is just no fun at all because they are silent when they take off!! The few times I have witnessed an American machine take off on the autobahn, it’s been a pleasure! That throaty rumble of the Cobra Mustang and Corvette is unmistakable! These are some of the cars that have been added to my knowledge base since arriving here.

Oh, and the brake stand is over, we were able to release the brake and are picking up steam! Retirement is full steam ahead!!! It’s not my shortest move (30 days from start to finish moving from DC to AK), it’s a mere two weeks longer.

I hate the ads that are attached to my posts by WP, but unless I pay $30, they will continue to show up. I moved to this free platform to save money, so I won’t be paying that any time soon. I just wanted you all to know that I am not the one generating that stupidity!


We finally began our homeschool year this week, even though we still don’t have all our books. I do have our Tapestry of Grace Y1 binders, so we are able to begin our history. Since we are beginning “in the beginning”, I wanted to do a week on Creation and Evolution. The kids and I are enjoying our Hovind Theory videos. I don’t agree with all that he says concerning theology and biblical interpretation, but I do appreciate the sources he cites in support of Creation. His 3rd seminar video on dinosaurs was amazing, and I included it below for you.

These are some of the things we learned this week:

  • the city of Megiddo experienced 3 major battles: 15th century BC (Egypt vs. 5 northern kings), 609 BC (Egypt vs. Judah), and 1918 during WWI between the Allied Army and the Ottoman Empire.
  • the Nile flooded every year to nourish the soil for farmers
  • the earliest piece of pottery found has the image of two long-necked dinosaurs on it
  • cave art contain dinosaurs in them beside cows and crops

All the videos, books, and videos we used for our Creation and Egypt studies are found in: History Hunting Ancient World

We are settled in to our new lives as a pastor’s family. If you would like to know how that is all going, I shall relay what my youngest son said last night. Hubby and I were just chatting in his home office, and Noah called out from the doorway “Are you guys having a meeting or can I come in?”

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