The Sun Will Come Out…

I love reading over old blog posts. They help me remember what happened and where we have been. This is a cute one from 2010, and reading through it brought back everything from this moment.

My children were watching Annie again today. I got my daughter hooked on musicals, so she and I will dance around the house while singing various songs from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie, and we are working on tunes from My Fair lady.

Anyway, during the opening song, I chose to belt out “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”. Now normally, I can carry a tune well, but today I was teasing my oldest son at the same time as I was munching on a brownie. My oldest son is a music perfectionist! In the van, he gets very irritated if people are not singing the right words, in the right pitch. He works very hard at this himself, so of course I had to poke at him 😉

While I was belting out the finishing verses as loudly as I could in the kitchen, Danny popped his head around the corner with a  very serious look on his face and said “mama, I think we should let the little red haired girl sing it,” and disappeared back into the TV room again. I tell you, I almost shot brownie out of my mouth, I was laughing so hard!! He remained polite, yet serious, and asked me ‘so very nicely’ to stop singing. It was much better than the last time someone (our 3-year-old) attempted to goof up a song.

My kiddos, 2010

3 thoughts on “The Sun Will Come Out…

  1. i have also been working on “i feel pretty” from west side story and “i could have danced all night” from my fair lady. i would love to have you hear, mel, to get the show in person. and sweetie, we shall do our show for you very soon 😉

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