It’s Christmastime!

It’s Christmas-time again! We love Christmas in our home: the glitter, the red, the green, the candles, the New England Village, the smells, the cookies, and especially…THE SONGS! I am one of those folks who absolutely refuses to allow any Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. I want this time to remain magical and … More It’s Christmastime!

Advent 2016

The Advent Season is hear! Or at least, the calendar says it’s here. We celebrate Advent in our home because the month of December (including Christmas) is a celebration of the coming of Christ. This year, I will attempt my blogging Advent Calendar and we shall see how many of the 25 days I get … More Advent 2016

Advent: Hope

This past Sunday was the first official start of Advent: hope. For years now, we have been celebrating Advent as a family to help us focus on the reason for the Christmas season: the birth of Jesus Christ. He wanted to start a new tradition in our home and with our children so that they … More Advent: Hope