Soft Pretzels

Don’t you love walking into the mall and having to stroll past the pretzel vendor? The smell always catches my O sensory for the rest of the trip. So I set out to find a good recipe that I could do at home because homemade dough anything is always better! This recipe is a knock-off … More Soft Pretzels

Perfect Buttered Popcorn

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2598″ align=”right” size=”medium”] Hey, want some really good buttered popcorn that isn’t so yucky dripping that your fingers gross up the remote control on family movie night? Or have you ever added melted butter to your popcorn to have it all shrivel up with the wet butter? A friend of mine clued me … More Perfect Buttered Popcorn

Caramel Corn

Believe it or not, this is pretty easy to do.  There are a couple things I would caution you on.  Try, at best, not to use a dark metal cookie sheet for this, silver is actually better.  The other thing would be to preheat the oven for this one.  The caramel will burn if the … More Caramel Corn

Roasted Pecans

You can actually use whatever is your favorite nut and ‘dress’ them up a bit. ┬áIf you have passed the roasted nut stand in any shopping mall and your mouth starting watering and begging… you will LOVE this one! You Need:2lb bag of nutscinnamon sugar mixture (we always have this on hand, recipe look below … More Roasted Pecans