which boy is which?

noah turned 3 months old this last week. and as we were snapping pictures of him, trying to catch him smiling, i wondered if anyone else could pick out which of my boys is which in an infant line up. my buddy in KS said noah looks “just like another duncan boy” but i never really thought they were cookie cutter kids. when noah was first born, i thought he looked so much like danny, then i started thinking he looked like jj. but i am going to play a small game with you guys to see if you can pick the right pictures.




2 thoughts on “which boy is which?”

  1. 1) JJ2) Daniel3) Noah4) JoshuaIf you roll your mouse over the photo, it says the name. Also, if you CLICK on the photo to see it bigger it says the correct name. šŸ™‚

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