so here are a few quickies to get you going this morning!!

-we had a humorous tree decorating experience, for the first time in our live tree (years) experience, our tree was too heavy for the base, and therefore, chose to topple over during decorating with the family…. right onto our 5yr old.  my even keel boy just stood there while the parents hoisted the tree off of him.  he was still standing there holding the ornament he had been trying to put on the tree.  he was acting like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. 😉  i truly need his personality in the mix here!!!

-we are now trying to keep the large dog out from under the tree.  he loves to nuzzle under things and outside you can readily find him under a tree relaxing.  so my pup’s back is now all matted because he crawled under the tree 2x yesterday, and got gooped with sap.  that’s ganna be fun, huh??  think i will let the professionals fight that mess.

-my baby has learned to crawl… BACKWARDS!!  yep, he has it going on, all in reverse.  so i was able to snap a picture of him as he had backed himself under the end table yesterday.  it was adorable.  that might just make our Christmas card this year… if i can get them out!!!  we have matching sweaters for the boys this year, a major woohoo. 

-if you could all keep my friend nanci in your prayers.  she is younger than me and going in for heart surgery today.  she has a  young daughter and a heart of gold.  so i am hoping they care for it well.


2 thoughts on “quickies!!”

  1. Our dogs actually stay away from the tree- total surprise!! But I think they hear me yell enough at my husband when he goes near it, that they know to steer clear! :)I love the crawling backwards!!! Kids all learn to crawl differently… as long as its motion, it works!

  2. Our cats and dog like the tree too. The cats more so than the dog though which is a good thing since our dog is pretty big. Your little guy is a trooper! Glad he wasn’t hurt. Hope your friend’s surgery went well. Your blog is very attractive.

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