Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaWe have hit another Friday folks!!  The weekend is here!!  Please join Mrs. 4444 and unload your mental fragments with her Friday Fragment Blog Hop!!  Such a sweet group of bloggers!


We are studying the 5th day of creation with our Apologia Science book.  We are learning about sea lions, seals, and walruses this chapter.  I ran across this funny little video and wanted to share it.  I love having the internet for homeschool research and such.  We love leaving our home for field trips, but we can always take a look at marine life via the internet to see the differences in these creatures!  The walrus does better sit-ups than i do right now 😦


This morning, bright and early, my daughter and I watched the royal wedding.  It is history in the making, it is a royal wedding, and I truly hope that the couple will be successful.  You may think that is a strange word for a marriage, but I know that happiness is an emotion that can be fleeting.  I want William to find true joy in his marriage.  He has experienced such sorrow in his life.  From the little I have heard, Kate seems to be a sweet and honest girl.  So I really would love for them to enjoy a long and full life together.  They both looked amazing and regal today!!!  I’m not even British and I was choked up with all the ceremony!!!  Man alive, just to get to ride one of those horses!!!  The uniforms are totally amazing!  I also thought the queen looked very well today.

Those horrific storms that destroyed the Gulf states rolled through here Wednesday night and  much of Thursday.  Maryland does not have tornado sirens, which freaks me out because coming from the Midwest sirens are necessary!!!  So we hunkered down here in the basement all day long.  There were a couple times when the nasty storm calmed… got eerily quiet.  I had the kids play under the basement steps during those moments.  My quick witted children caught on.  So we had a little safety lesson concerning tornado weather.  Did you guys know that tornadoes sound like a freight train?  There is this chugging sound made by the swirling wind.  In college I interviewed a guy who had lived through his house being tossed about like a beach ball by a tornado.  All the people who have actually heard them say they sound like a freight train, so now you know that sound means seek shelter!!!  Please keep those folks in your prayers!!!  So many lives lost!
We are dealing with a plantar wart here in the house.  My very sissy daughter (yes, i say that with love) was absolutely amazing at the doctor’s office!!  There is much crying and wailing if she stubs her toe, so when the doc brought out a razor blade to cut away the dead skin in order to freeze the wart.. she pulled herself together and stopped her fit like a champ.  I was very proud of her!!  The wart is pretty deep, so we had to soak her foot, cut away more dead skin, and re-apply the wart stuff at home.  She did so well!!! 
Part of her freak out had to do with my thick headed (but well loved) husband telling the kids all the horror stories of his wart removal.  How the dry ice is so cold it burns like hot pokers on your skin!  I could have cold cocked him 😦    I am the one who has to deal with children in public with their fear factor high from ghoul stories at home…. good heavens!!!  I happily took Bekah to Safeway for some stellar, soft, huge doughnut after her appt.  Way to go sweetie!!!

Well, that is all for me this week.  We are pretty busy here these days.  We are almost done with school here so we are doing a lot of field trips!!  No, I never remember my camera, sorry dad!  We are also doing Occupational Therapy for my daughter’s elbow 3x a week.  This weekend we have Dr. Derek Thomas coming in for our Spring Church Conference.  We are excited, it’s going to be fun.  My hubby is very excited, he has been out of the classroom for too long.  He is a born student, just loves it!!!  Y’all have a great weekend!!


9 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. Hi Kay! I loved reading about your week. This week, I told my son he could decide how and when he got his homeschooling done and gave him his assignments. I loved his creativity, but his report was a little lacking in factual information, so we will be working on that together today.I didn’t watch the royal wedding, but I do hope, too, that they will be happy! I’d love to visit London someday.Jeaninehttp://dressmytruth.blogspot.com

  2. Good luck with the wart! I had to have one burned off the back of my neck when I was younger. It wasn’t so bad, and I haven’t had problems with it since. 🙂

  3. Jeanine-It’s been a rough week here with homeschooling, but not the school kids, the 3yr old is giving me more gray hair than i really want 😉 boy and reports are so hard!!!Brandi-wow, burning??? my daughter would have passed out!!

  4. HOW did you find my poolside work out video?!?! I was laughing so hard, my co-workers came over to see if i had lost my mind =) What a joyful retreat in an otherwise chaotic day. Thanks!

  5. I didn’t get up early to watch, but I did turn the TV on once I was awake.We don’t have sirens here either, but the local news stations all have severe weather warning phone calls they make and they are usually pretty spot on!

  6. I absolutely loved the exercise video–Hilarious and adorable. It reminded me that I need to revisit my “Favorite Friday Fragmenter” feature :)I missed the wedding but am catching up tonight; you echo my sentiments.Bravo to your daughter on her strength :)Living in the midwest, I appreciate our basement! I, too, am praying for those suffering this week as a result of the horrific tornadoes.Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

  7. thank you ladies for stopping by and for your encouragement, mrs 4444!!!amy-i can’t wait to see your photo!!!!bethy- thanks sis!!! love you!!

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