I remember when…

Memory LaneI really enjoy memories, even when I don’t get all the facts right 😉  In fact, this is a common joke among the sisters, that I can hardly remember anything and my younger sister Beth never forgets 😦

The past few days have been full of fun and adventure in the Black Hills of SD.  I was so excited to plan this part of our cross country move because as a young girl I did the Black Hills area for two separate family vacations!  I was going to get to share some memories with my own children!!  And it was wonderful!

Before we left my home state, Iowa, my mother blessed me by having the old photo albums ready with the photos from our trips through WY and SD.  My sisters and I had so much fun laughing over the old photos, and mom helped me fill in a few gaps… thanks mom!!!

First the trusty steed.  This was the good old Buick station wagon that carried us all over the Black Hills.  Dad would labor to get that huge turtle shell topper on it, we would load it with all sorts of stuff, then mother would pack a cooler with our vacation food and ice… then we would take off!!

I don’t remember this wagon as much, but our huge red chevy wagon usually had an unrolled sleeping bag in the back for us to sleep on while dad drove on.  Now-a-days you have to stay all buckled in.. so boring 😉  Our steed looks nothing like this 😉

Here we are feeding the wild burros at Custer State park.  Of course we got out of the car to shove our hands into a wild animals mouth…I mean what is the big deal there???

I had to chuckle at my hubby when my own children got out of the van to do this exact thing, he was quite nervous about it and had them get back in.  Wild animals can be unpredictable and my hubby is pretty serious about our children’s safety.  I know they didn’t quite understand this sentiment when soft, very tame acting burros came over to snuffle their hands.

Here we are at Devil’s Tower.  There is a fun Indian legend concerning the tower and how it came to be.  My kids enjoyed climbing all over the rocks that still sit at the base of this magnificent rock formation.

This is Charlie the Ox, who sat so still for these 3 crazy girls.  And one of the many waterfalls we played around during the vacation.

Mount Rushmore is an amazing sight!!!  We camped during this vacation with my cousin’s family.  We stayed outside of Custer, SD where there is a teepee still standing at the front of the camping park.  This particular vacation has some great memories all on its own, but I am just too tired to get it all down tonight.  I burned pretty badly at Mt. Rushmore this trip.  I just didn’t’ think that walking a toddler around the amphitheater would be such a bad idea for my skin.  I just wanted hubby to watch the video since I had already seen it years ago.  Somehow I came up pink 😉  Thank goodness I packed aloe lotion!!!

If you have a memory you want to add, please do so in the ‘kind thoughts’ section.  I won’t be able to manage or add the link tonight 😉  Can’t wait to check in with you guys next time!  Tomorrow we move within 2 hours of the Canadian border!!  Tomorrow begins the driving and sleeping portion of our move to Alaska…woohoo, here we go!!

One thought on “I remember when…

  1. The summer between 1st and 2nd grade we went to Wyoming to visit my dad’s oldest sister and her family. We went to all the same places you did. I remember having so much fun. We only spent I think 3 days with them and then went on to visit family friends (my parents did a rafting trip down Snake River). My parents memory is of complete exhaustion! LOL We took my dad’s track and put my Grandpa’s shell to cover the back of the pick up truck, where my brother and I rode, on sleeping bags,lots of blankets, pillows, suitcases, and of course our walkman’s.

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