Crossing borders

Yesterday we pulled into Montana and enjoyed the view of the high plains, rolling hills, and the Rockies in he background.

Montana quickly got on my bad side as we followed the GPS through two rounds of totally torn up highway and a massive detour which placed us 2 hours behind schedule. The worst part for us was the total lack of eating establishments open 😦 we ended up eating after 9pm. The room here at Malmstrom is wonderful and they have a huge playground for weary PCS kids and two bedrooms.

Today we travel into canada and my JJ turns 5. So big things are happening. We would appreciate prayer for our children as we head into long van days of driving and even the toddler has asked to go home at this point. We are feeling the road weariness and we are halfway there. Thanks all!!

7 thoughts on “Crossing borders”

  1. Okay, I’m late catching this blog b/c you are now there! Woo hoo! Prayed for you all along the way, so grateful for traveling mercies. Now, the other part of the adventure begins! ;p All good!Susan

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