Timmy’s Adventure App


Another great game for the Kindergarten age, Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure. This game has math, words (beginning sounds), and various fun activities you can ‘purchase’ with money you earn for doing well in the game.

This app is currently on sale for $1.99, that is a 50% savings from when I purchased it early last year!

Three of my youngest children play this game for fun. By choosing the blue person icon in the lower left corner, you can choose which child’s account is desired.

Clicking on the pig will take you to your bookshelf of goodies, the extra activities you buy and play with after accomplishing the math and reading goals of the game.

To play the educational game, you would click on the “go to school” sign on the right.

This is an example of one of the math questions. Sometimes there are birds that will visually take items from a basket, other times you have cards like this for math equation. Both addition and subtraction are used in this game.

This is a time challenge. The student will math the clocks, both digital and analog for Timmy to get across the water.

There are also maze games where the student is asked to choose the animal that begins with a certain letter sound so that Timmy can traverse the maze.

Correct answers are always given to encourage learning facts.

Once you make it to the school, your student will get coins for doing well on the game. You drag those coins into your piggy bank and hear them clink 🙂

Once you earn enough money you can purchase activities for your bookshelf.

You can see my Kindergarten son has a few games. The ball and net activity allows him to ‘kick’ a ball with his finger to hit a target that will eventually move for him.

The favorite activity for my 2 year old son is the Timmy puzzle. The schoolhouse picture is a puzzle that is easy to put together and he just loves it. This is a simple game for a beginning K student.

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