Chicago Car Accident

Memory LaneWe are having strange weather up here in Alaska. It is very warm during the day, causing our snow to melt. At night, it dips well below freezing and the roads become sheets of ice!!

I just happen to be out with my two oldest doing some memory lane sharing with them, and we were able to do some slipping and sliding around the roads even with our studded tires. I learned years ago that I am not actually invicible. Those teen years of doing donuts in the mall parking lot have turned into me slowing down YARDS before getting to an icy intersection. Shall I tell you why I grew up??

We were living in Chicago, my hubby and I both worked the swing shift at a corporate office in Lincolnshire, IL.  We lived in a little community inside Chicago, right in the flight path of O’hare.  It was actually fun to sit on our back deck, upper level, to watch the planes roll in and line up the sky like a pseudo freeway in the sky!

For whatever reason, we had both driven a car to work and were traveling home from work together.  At a stop light turning green, I waved at hubby in the lane to my right and began my left turn.  A little game we like to play in this instance is which way home is fastest.  We do it almost everywhere we have lived when we are both traveling home at the same time.  My eyes double checked the green light above me…. then I ‘woke up’ to the cabin of our Saturn filled with smoke.  I knew the car had to be on fire and I had no idea how long I had been unconscious.  I ripped off my belt and tried to dive out of the car.. because of course it was on fire!!!  Or so I thought.  I tried to stand up on my left foot to get out and crumpled to the pavement.  Someone told me to sit still, I had just been in a car accident.  What??  I never do that, I am a fairly safe driver since High School…..

It seems that in that 6 lane road I was traveling down didn’t give me that green arrow that I was used to.  I had turned into oncoming traffic and had a head on collision with another driver.  I don’t remember the ambulance ride, I do remember seeing my husband running from a nearby parking lot to me with a look I hate seeing on his face… he was terrified!  My air bag had knocked me clean out, I had broken my ankle and still have a pin in it to this day… I was laid up for months, had surgery, used crutches, and had a silly walking boot.  I learned the very hard way that I was not invincible, as I had always thought I was.  God was so gracious to me even at that time.  I got my mom all to myself and all the Pride and Prejudice I could handle 😉

Have you ever had a car accident? Wanna share your memory with us? You never have to link in, you are always welcome to share my memories 😉


Memory Lane

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Car Accident”

  1. Oh my goodness Kay!! Now see, this is why I love your blog. I learn things about you. I had no idea that is how you broke your leg. I remember you’d broken it before we met. Crazy!Glad that is all you broke, a head on collision could have been worse!

  2. So you thought you had a green turn signal but it was just the regular green? Accidents are mistakes. I bet you have driven much more defensively since. I’ve have a few accidents but knock on wood or my head, nothing with broken bones.

  3. I’ve done that before. Thought I had a green arrow, but it was only a green light. I too turned into a car. My accident wasn’t as bad as yours. Glad you were okay. Even with a broken ankle. It could have been much worse.

  4. anyone that does not believe in god really has not lived life to the fullest, your story is certainly all about god and his blessings! aloha, angi in hana

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