FF: Fragmented dreams

Welcome to another Friday Fragments. Join in the fun, or just jump around reading the funny fragments that roll out of the brains of bloggers. Mrs 4444 hosts the jumble, so jump on in and Frag with us!!
 Friday Fragments 2
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Another week has flown by. We are not doing school yet because we still have house guests from out of state. This means a pretty late start for me and still have time for blogging. The irony is not lost on me that summer offers more time for me to blog, but few people are reading πŸ˜‰ When school starts for me, I post less frequently. Just the way it is.


This week’s fragments are brought to you by the letter S and the number 9. S is for school starts soon and 9 for the number of people we have at the cabin this week. I actually love hosting, truly I do.

Our music melody is from the Cranberries and makes me think of summer drives in a T-top Camaro with that special seat belt tan line πŸ™‚

I didn’t have MTV growing up, so I never saw most of my favorite song’s videos. With my serious phobia of drowning, I am so glad I never saw this video as a youngster. I would probably hate this song after seeing the video 😦


I have had another spike in junk comments, but I really don’t want to use word verification or another commenting service. I have friends and family who comment annonymosly, so I am stuck there 😦 But I thought you guys would get a kick out of the comment left Monday:

Your Cuisinart Basic Toaster Broiler, Dunkle Flat TOB30BW-FR is unquestionably reasonable toaster provides you with more than a few food preparation solutions pick from. In any number, the fruits skilled attempt in which to repeat the amount of food 3 ) [highlight type=”light”]with a Malware pig together with delicious colon[/highlight] To as work all of them with forward for the fames at any luxurious repast. Process which the clothes as perfectly as they can be. en an Jaguar.

Never had a delicious colon, have you??


Eye Catching Articles

Did you know that our differences make us better? I mean who wants to walk around with a bunch of ‘me’ walking around. I always appreciate people who will explain to my children why they look or sound different so that my children will learn how to interact with all God’s creation. Ememby is just such a gem of a gal. You can read about how she handles the differences in her son’s life.
Did you know that Ice-T was once in the military? The well known, hard-as-nails detective from Law and Order: SVU was once in the Army Infantry. You may know be aware, but Ice-T who currently plays a detective on Law and Order: SVU, was a military man! He did four years in the Army Infantry to support his girlfriend and daughter. I didn’t know that!
We had more fun email convo this week. It started because of this photo of my cousin’s little girl’s empty bottle (which was so huge, it filled my screen):
That’s right little girl did the whole bottle! (sam)
But of course she did, hungry girl. She has good genes (me)
Commence the hallelujah chorus (layni)
I should specify she didn’t have the full bottle, just 45 mls which is an ounce. (sam)
That’s okay.  We have kids.  We get that the “whole bottle”  really means the “whole feeding.” (layni)
Oh, see, here i thought she drank that whole massive 45oz looking bottle and was going to grow like alice in wonderland all of a sudden  πŸ˜‰ did i get that wrong?? (me)
Before I had kids, I had no idea I was going to actually worry about those things. Or get so excited about them. (layni)
Learning new things. I’m surprised we all made it! (sam)
I really do enjoy visiting Denali National Park, but this last visit with the in-laws took us all the way in to the Eielson visitor’s center 66 miles into the park. But let me tell you, the bus ride was not all fun and games!! It’s a wide 1 1/2 lane dirt road that only the park buses can drive on (they are purposefully keeping emissions out of the park preserve area) and some of the road is basically cut into the side of the mountain. Drop offs accompany such a road at some places. I don’t like heights or crazy roads when I am not driving at my slow speed. Probably lots to do with my control issues. The views and sights were spectacular!!! I really need to sit down and make the video happen for this trip!!!

16 thoughts on “FF: Fragmented dreams”

  1. quite a collection of fragments (enough to make fragmints BTW)
    That hit Cranberry song is a favorite but I failed to find many of their other songs as good.
    I can’t figure out the blog read/write cycle at all. I’m not sure there is a cycle.
    Your spam comment came from outer space I think.
    Oh the mountain dirt road ride sounds like fun to me and reminds me of my MIL fears on roads like that.

  2. Enjoy your company (even if that does make you nine — wow!?!?) and your late start. That is something that I envy about my homeschooling friends — flexibility.
    I never saw that video. It’s a little too Ophelia-like for m.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, exactly, Ophelia!! Good call. Not at all my favorite video 😦 The flexibility is nice, but around middle of January I am going to be feeling the slight panic of not getting done in time. We may be PCSing this next summer, so I sort of have a deadline already 😦

    1. I hope you have a good weekend too! I hope you can relax since you hit the ground running at work. This weekend is my final schedule prep and organizing the book shelves… you know, the fun part πŸ˜‰

  3. Same here… more time to post in the summer, less readers!

    Your bus ride reminds me of one we took in Hawaii… what seemed like a one-lane road, one side was a mountain wall and the other a cliff! Tour buses would whip around curves and if a car was coming the other way… YIKES! I think it was called the Road to Hana.

    1. Yipes, thanks for the heads up! I do want to visit Hawaii, but mostly for the Arizona Memorial. I will be prepared if we take a trip there in that bus.

  4. Crazy comment! I have been getting a ton of Chinese spam lately. I sort of wonder what it says.
    My daughter and her three kids went home last week. My noisy, messy house is too quiet. It is still messy. sigh.
    I never heard that song, that I can remember. It grew on me a bit as I listened. The video was weird.
    Our kids do not start school til Tuesday here in Philadelphia. Always after Labor Day.
    I am not a fan of those narrow mountain roads and I def would rather be in control in those situations too!
    Have a fabulous and safe weekend.

    1. It was plain old scary for me 😦 I also wonder what the Chinese comment says, it would be curious to find out. Does the house seem too quiet?? I sort of sit here waiting for the guests to wake up, knowing they are all gone now. I hate that part 😦 You have a great weekend too!!

  5. You do have a house full. Entertaining is always fun but I am usually more than ready to get back to the regular routine of life once everyone has gone. Definitely sounds like contact from some alien planet….LOL.

    1. I just had to laugh at that spam comment. So weird!! My mother is also honest about being happy when the guests go. It may be quiet, but it is quiet πŸ˜‰

  6. I definitely want to get to Denali one day. I enjoy a houseful too, but am always happy to get back into a normal routine once more. Enjoy the new school year : )

    1. Thank you, Claudya! I am working on a top ten post for why I have loved the migration to self hosted WP and you will be getting a little blip because of all your help in getting started. Thank you for answering my queries and always being a helpful resource!!

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