Tryon Palace in February

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Tryon Palace is located in New Bern, NC and is the centerpiece of our historic site was also the grandest public building in all the colonies. Royal Governor William Tryon and his family brought architect John Hawks from London to design and build the Georgian-style structure. Completed in 1770, Tryon Palace served as the first permanent capitol of North Carolina and home to the Tryon family.

This month they have 2 delightful events that I would like to draw your attention to:


Free Day

This coming Saturday, February 1, you are invited to enter the Tryon Palace FOR FREE! That’s right, free! One of my favorite words! You can tour the first floor of all the historic buildings while smelling the delicious period food be prepared in the palace kitchen! This is a great location for a homeschool field trip! To learn more, click here.

Free day will be Feb 1, 2014, from 9am-5pm. Sponsored by the Harold H. Bate Foundation.



USAF Jazz Ensemble

The USAF Jazz Ensemble will perform in the Cullman Hall for free on Feb 21! Space is limited for this free concert, you may want to reserve your spot free. To learn more, click here.

Free concert performed Feb 21, 2014 at


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