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Remembering Patty

My life was in chaos amidst a move this past October and I never got this re-posted. Every October, I remember Patty and though I don’t like to wear pink, I will do it for Patty. You can explore for yourself and discover why.

Remembering Patty

remembering patty

Most Americans are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink ribbons show up on shirts, pink shirts show up on everyone, and many cities have a walk or run for the Susan G Komen foundation in support/honor of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is not the leading cause of death in our country these days (roughly 200,000 women and 1,500 men), nor is it a rare and mysterious disease. Those are not the reasons why I chose to focus on Breast Cancer for October. I chose to focus on Breast Cancer this October for one reason alone: Patricia Ann Duncan.

Patty was a daughter, sister, mother, and child care worker before I ever met her, but more on that later.

Through my 31 Day Challenge, I plan to share with you who she was and why I miss her.

I would like to thank Dawn Plyler for the use of the Pink Ribbon Tree that will grace all my posts for the month. You can check out Dawn’s lovely art here if you would like to order this tree background.

If you would like to read through my 31 Day Challenge, select a post from below.


Remembering Patty - My life was in chaos amidst a move this past October and I never got this re-posted. Every October, I remember Patty and though I don’t like to wear pink, I will do it for Patty. You can explore for yourself and discover why. Remembering Patty Most Americans are aware that October is Breast Cancer… Continue reading Remembering Patty
Very Thankful Month - Thankful Thursday This has been one crazy month for our family. We have had PCS orders, we have had to hold our breath during a shutdown, and we have had to say goodbye to friends here in Alaska. I want to take this Thankful Thursday to wrap up my month long series, Remembering Patty, as… Continue reading Very Thankful Month
Crystal’s Guest Post - Crystal’s Guest Post It is hard to believe that Pat has been gone for over 8 years.  So much has changed since her passing.  I can still remember her joy when we gave birth to our 1st child, Leia.   Leia was 5 weeks early, and what a blessing that she came when she did. It… Continue reading Crystal’s Guest Post
Feel the burn - I am surely feeling the burn, burn out that is. It’s a Friday and even while doing an amazing 30 day Challenge, there are only fragments today. So with nothing but fragments, I know exactly who will help with that!! On over to Mrs. 4444 to enjoy some Friday Fragments with the crew. [divider] [one_third]… Continue reading Feel the burn
Thankful For Memories - Thankful Thursday I have thoroughly enjoyed my series on Remembering Patty! I haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to it as I had hoped, but I am enjoying the memories it has invoked.  It is quite true that we often don’t find the value in a person until they are no longer with us.… Continue reading Thankful For Memories
Patty Didn’t Homeschool - Patty didn’t homeschool. I am not saying she didn’t support my decision to engage with home education, she was alive when I began to homeschool her oldest grandchild for Kindergarten. She did, however, have several reservations concerning this form of education. We discussed the issue at length as I was working through the subject myself… Continue reading Patty Didn’t Homeschool
Patty’s Simple Dishes - Patty’s Simple Dishes Patty was all about quick easy dishes. There was a simplicity to what she created in the kitchen and I bet it had everything to do with the fact that she was feeding 4 hungry guys! My FIL would come home from his Army day that started with early morning PT and… Continue reading Patty’s Simple Dishes
Thankful for Patty’s Faith - Patty’s Faith I am very thankful for Patty’s faith. Her faith and convictions helped mold the man I am married to today. No she wasn’t perfect, no she was not a theologan, but she was a child of God and her life reflected that! During my Remembering Patty series, I have alluded to Patty’s childhood… Continue reading Thankful for Patty’s Faith
Patty Keepsakes - While preparing for this series, I dug through the keepsake photo bin to scan the photos I was hoping to use. The first thing I pawed through was hubby’s baby book for the post about Patty as a mother. But what I didn’t realize was that Patty saved all sorts of ‘firsts’ in my husband’s… Continue reading Patty Keepsakes
Patty on Cooking - Patty the Cook Patty was not the world’s greatest cook. Cooking for her was for keeping the troops happy and fed. She wasn’t interested in spending time in the kitchen preparing fancy dinners. Her focus in life was on people. She would rather have grabbed something ‘to go’ in order to spend more time with… Continue reading Patty on Cooking
Patty’s Amazing Grace - Patty’s Amazing Grace And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all thing at all times… you will abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8 Patty enjoyed singing, even though she was not quite gifted in that area. One of the things we would do when we got… Continue reading Patty’s Amazing Grace
Patty’s Mother’s Day - Happy Mother’s Day, Patty I don’t believe I ever had the chance to share this humorous Mother’s Day video with Patty. She would have laughed and thought of her boys right away… just like I did first time I saw it!! One of the more famous stories from my hubby’s childhood was when he sneaked… Continue reading Patty’s Mother’s Day
Patty was a southpaw -    Patty was a southpaw, meaning she was left handed. I used to watch her peel veggies and write with morbid curiosity. How can a person be a lefty? She would tease me right back and ask how anyone could be a righty. Patty being left-handed is not what puzzled me most. It was the… Continue reading Patty was a southpaw
Fragments for Patty -  Friday Fragments I am very excited for my October 31 Day Challenge subject: Breast Cancer. We love Ben’s mother to this disease in 2005, so I am planning a month of the various ways this disease has touched our lives and remembering Patty. If Breast Cancer has touched your life in some way, please let… Continue reading Fragments for Patty
Thankful for Patty - Thankful Thursday This month I am taking the challenge to blog about a specific topic for 31 days. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I chose to blog about how that disease has touched my life. In 2005, my mother-in-law, Patty, died of Breast Cancer at the very young age of 48. I was… Continue reading Thankful for Patty
Who Was Patty? -   Patty was born in December of 1957 to Noel and Joan. Patty was the 7th of 9 children born into this family. Their childhood was bad, and that is a major understatement. But the woman I met beat the odds of her upbringing! She was sweet, giving, honest, simple, loving, devoted, and just plain… Continue reading Who Was Patty?
Pink Ribbon Tree - Pink for October This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have chosen to focus on that in my 30 days of blogging challenge. However, it won’t be a challenge for me because it will give me a change to remember a woman whom I miss very much. My mother-in-law, Patty. After marrying her… Continue reading Pink Ribbon Tree

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