Christmas, Devotional

What Think Ye of Christmas

Christmas seems to be getting a tough break these days. Certainly not in the marketing nor commercials aspect, but in a historic Christian aspect. (I probably lost folks just in that statement alone) Some of you may be wondering "why do these Bible thumpers keep harping on putting Christ in Christmas?!!" That's a decent question… Continue reading What Think Ye of Christmas


Chocolate Fest

[wc_googlemap title="International Schokolodenfestival" location="Am Markt 1, Tübingen, Germany 72070" zoom="15" height="250"] Tübingen, Germany was first mentioned in writing back in 1078 but didn't become a town until the 13th century under the Palatine Counts of Tübingen. It became a 'university' town in the 15th century under Count Erberhard im Barte. The historic university is still there… Continue reading Chocolate Fest