He’s just tired…

Many years ago, in a lifetime far, far away, my husband was just brutally honest about anything. Thankfully, he has learned quite a bit of tact in the last decade.  When I saw this video by Julian Smith, it made me laugh so hard!!!  That was Ben!!  Well, okay, not really his tactic, but I … More He’s just tired…

Having a spat

Ah, Memory Lane!!  I do apologize for any who stopped by last week.  I was smack in the middle of trying to recover my computer and so the link and such were all messed up.  I would love to say that won’t happen again, but alas, Ii am quite human 😉 Last night, hubby and … More Having a spat

Eatin’ French

Last night for Valentine’s Day, my darling hubby put together a dinner date all by himself.  He asked our dear friends to watch the crew plus dog so we could go out for our fancy dinner.  We did a super fancy dinner the year our oldest was born.  Very expensive for college students in Chicago.  … More Eatin’ French

my husband

i have to send out a huge prop to my husband!!! i didn’t get a chance to shout out about it closer to it, but i am going to praise him up a bit. because, quite frankly, i think we all need to boost them up much more than we “correct” and possibly “mother” them, … More my husband

take those moments

i love those little moments with my children when God opens the door to a great theology lesson for them. one of these happened this weekend.with 5 children, we came to realize that they really did require time alone with mommy. so we have incorporated that into our weekly grocery shopping trip. saturday morning i … More take those moments